Stephanie Hamm

As Interviewed by Karina Gaul, March 9, 2012
"What do I recommend to young people about getting involved and making a change? Boy I wish I was young again, and could put myself in the position of young people because I think they have a very, very different experience. I just hope somehow, whether their parents are sensitive to the issues or not, that they can develop a sensitivity to other people’s needs."
Stephanie Hamm

Introductory Profile: About Stephanie Hamm

My interviewee was Stephanie Hamm. The angle of the interview focused on how Stephanie’s position with Move On addresses social justice and classism issues. The events pertaining to the interview that stood out were when and how Stephanie became involved with Move On, and what issues she worked on after becoming an active member.

Stephanie is a young grandmother, who is married to a retired Air Force Colonel. She’s a petite, attractive brunette, with brown eyes. She appears very confident and seems comfortable with who she is and what she does. Her personality is bright, cheerful and optimistic.

She comes from a very large family, with 10 siblings. Her father was also a pilot in the Air Force. She has four daughters, and two adopted sons, one who unfortunately passed away from Leukemia. One of her daughters is a famous soccer player, Mia Hamm. Stephanie and Bill spent a good deal of time living in Italy while raising their children.

The interview took place on a cold and rainy Friday evening. Stephanie came to my house with her husband Bill, who has severe allergies to dogs; we have two. Stephanie spoke with an even tone, occasionally broken up with laughter. She seemed relaxed sipping on a latte macchiato.

I found the interview to be very interesting. Stephanie talked about how she first became involved with Move On during the first years of the Iraq war under George Bush. She talked about many other issues she and her husband have worked on since becoming involved with Move On, and how the issues relate to social justice and classism in America.

The interview moved along smoothly, and a lot of information was covered. Stephanie, my mother and father, and I talked for some time after the interview, discussing different issues and catching up in general, since we haven’t seen Stephanie much in the past year. It was great to see her again, and I was very appreciative that she took the time be interviewed by me.