Zhongcai Zhou

As interviewed by Warren Zhou, March 18, 2012
"It is not necessarily true that rich people are happier than poor people."
Zhongcai Zhou

Introductory Profile: About Zhongcai Zhou

My interviewee's name is Zhongcai Zhou. When he was a child being poor didn't matter to him because he didn't compare to anyone else wealth wise. He explained that as long as you have enough food, you can have fun with life. In his eyes being poor wasn't a downside because it was never an issue for him until college.

Zhongcai Zhou works as a engineer at Freescale. He has a wife and three children. He is very polite and patient. He has black hair with warm brown eyes. He feels people come to America the same reason he came and that other people can do the same thing, he knows this because he went through the same thing.

Zhongcai is a morning person, and he always seems in a good mood. Based on his experiences, being poor doesn't affect his childhood at all, and also people that are rich aren't necessarily more happy than poor people, money can't buy everything. It was hard at first for him to get started in the U.S. finding jobs and such.

The tone during the whole interview was very serious with not too many emotions. Zhongcai thought carefully before he answered each question and tried to answer them to the best of his memory. He respected each question I asked, while I respected each answer he gave.

I think the interview went very smoothly and I think Zhongcai did a great job answering each question thoroughly. His point of view must have been happy early life, to struggling teenager, to an adult with financial issues.