Nada Gavrilov

As Interviewed by Nicholas Ray, March 14, 2012
"When we got off of the ship, we were very happy. We were free, and we were free to work."
Nada Gavrilov

Introductory Profile: About Nada Gavrilov

Nada escaped Yugoslavia because of the communist party ruling after World War 1. Nada did not like the Communist because she couldnít go to church and believe in her religion. They also made them be a communist if they go into higher education and make you get a red book. This red book meant that you belong to the communist party and in you wanted to get a job in America; they would most defiantly deny you because of their strong dislike of the communist party.

Nada is a retired seamstress, 74 years old now. Nada is a very sweet lady that goes to her daughterís house daily to help with laundry and ironing clothes when he daughter, Diana, is teaching piano. Nada is very religious and goes to church every Sunday and prays every night before bed. She canít have cold beverages because of a surgery she had, so she must heat the drink before she drinks them. Nada loves hot coffee and tea.

Nada was born in Yugoslavia. She first traveled to Italy for 2 years. Then she moved to Canada for 15 years, and then immigrated to Arizona. Finally she moved to Texas with her daughterís family. She now has her house in Texas, but visits her daughter daily. She has been in Texas for about 20 years now.

I gave Nada some hot coffee before the interview and that comforted her a little bit. Her behavior during was very good like her manners. Her tone of voice was clear, but not loud. I think she felt better after the interview, because she got her story told of to the next generation to be told to future generations. This will keep her story alive and her soul living.

Nada never hesitated to start this interview, because she had told her daughter this story for a project like this one we are doing know. She would love to tell the next generation my story as well. She was strong about her anti-communist point-of-view. She disliked the communist for many reasons, religion, education and more.