Julia Bednar

As Interviewed by Erik R., March 10, 2012
"Women can do anything they want to now, but there's a price to that. There's a price to everything."
Julia Bednar

Introductory Profile: About Julia M. Bednar

My interviewee’s name is Julia Marie Bednar. I interviewed her on women’s rights. The main story in the interview was her experiences getting a job and having to pass the “Wall Test.”
She is about seventy years old, with long gray hair, glasses, and plenty of smiles. She was born in 1944, right after WWII. She is my grandmother.

Julia Bednar was cheerful throughout the interview, though she was serious when the occasion called. Sometimes, when she did not wish to say something on tape, she omitted it cheerfully and politely. The whole interview went well, with very little awkward pauses.

My interviewee strayed from her topic only on one occasion, and only because I asked her to, because of a misunderstanding when we were on the phone. All of it was relevant, however.

The main angle that my interview focused on was, as I said, women’s rights in the seventies through the nineties. I believe that the interview went pretty well and that I got plenty of information.