Ms. Cynthia LaFond

As Interviewed by Henry Borowski, March 18, 2012
"She needed someone to believe in her and trust that she had goodness and was capable. That’s all I contributed…and friendship. I was genuine with her."
Ms. Cynthia LaFond

Introductory Profile: About Cynthia Lafond

I interviewed Ms. Cynthia Lafond. She is my aunt on my father's side, and my godmother. Aunt Cindy was the oldest of five children and grew up in a neighborhood with many kids and neighbors that watched out for each other. In high school she was influenced by the Catholic nuns that were her teachers. The one’s she liked the most were the one’s that were devoted to helping others. She too became a nun. She was a nun for about fifteen years after college. I think her being a nun influenced her to commit to a life of service. Her greatest influence was her parents, my Busia and Papa. Her parents helped out many people and were kind and helpful. In particular she remembers her parents caring for their cousin and family. They were a very unfortunate family, poor with many health problems. Busia and Papa took care of them when others avoided them.

Aunt Cindy is my dad’s older sister. She has a very kind and happy personality. She likes to have friends over and hosting parties. She is a very good gardener in her free time. Aunt Cindy is a Master Gardener. She has collected conifers from around the world and she has a whole forest of miniature pine trees and evergreens in her backyard. Her and her husband have been featured on garden tours and have won awards

As a nun and later as a teacher, my aunt continued to look for ways to help people. When a tornado hit a very poor part of Detroit and destroyed many homes, she organized disaster relief efforts between several organizations. She was then hired b those same organizations to continue helping out people. She now works to help find homes for poor homeless people and senior citizens.

My aunt is very inspiring to many people. She is humble when she talks about how she is helping out with the homeless. She is adventurous and resourceful and treats people with dignity and offers her friendship to the less fortunate.

She has decided to commit to a life of service until she is unable to. When she retires from her job she plans to help the less fortunate for the rest of her life.