Morrokat Sornnarin

As Interviewed by Amelia N.-C., March 18, 2012
"I had to do laundry for everybody in my household, and that was my mom, and my four older brothers. And then I had to wash all of the dishes that everyone had, when my family had lunch or breakfast or dinner, so I was the dishwasher, and I have to clean my house, and wash and mop the floor, and I had to clean the bathroom, so usually on weekends, that was kind of my main working day at home on the weekends, and I had to iron everybodyís clothes, too, after Iím done with their laundry, so usually I would be done by 2-3 pm on Saturday, starting at around 8:00 in the morning."
Morrokat Sornnarin

Introductory Profile: About Morrokat Sornnarin

Morrokat Sornnarin was a victim of gender inequality in her homeland, Thailand. She does not regret coming to the US.

Morrakot is 5 foot 4, and has dark hair and dark eyes. She loves cooking, and is a proud mother of two. Morrakot was always very independent, and hated having to do all the work at home. She detested going home and doing all the chores. When she was little, she had no women role models, so she did not have an ambition, or a particular job position that she wanted to hold.

She is a mother of two, and is married to a Michael Cartsonis. She is a successful software product manager, and was born in Thailand. She was raised there until she was 24, when she left to move to America. Morrakot did very well in school, and was offered an exchange opportunity to New Zealand. She declined, though she was quite interested in seeing a new country with different customs.

The interview was a lighthearted type of discussion; she was not speaking with a tone that suggested regret of leaving Thailand. She speaks with interest, looking back and reviewing what happened to her over the years in Thailand, and appreciating what she has now. Morrakot is very grateful for her job and happy with her family. She says that she would rather be here than in Thailand.

The angle of the interview was a self experienced type of view; not wistful, or unhappy. Morrakot is a very strong person, and does not regret moving to America.