Kerri Gerrie

As Interviewed by Dresden Timco, March 8, 2012
"I saw how much it meant to these Africans that were so overwhelmed by us being there. And it meant so much to them that an American would care so much about them."
Kerri Gerrie

Introductory Profile: About Kerri Gerrie

I walk up to Kerri Gerries elegant and beautiful stone house. It is a cold, dark, raining Thursday afternoon, so the warm house is very inviting as usual. As I walk into her stone kitchen, I hear the scruff of socks on the floor as Jovanas walks up as I sit in a stool. Mrs. Gerrie’s house smells as sweet and warm as the summer's sunshine. I prepare for the interview as the ever-so-busy Mrs. Gerrie puts some dishes in the sink.

Mrs. Gerrie is a stunning woman-mid height, with shoulder length brown hair and green-blue eyes. She is dressed in a bright white shirt and jeans. Her face lights up with a smile and makes you feel like her home is your home. Mrs. Gerrie is such a caring and loving woman and mom to her four kids and Jovanas (an 8 year old boy from Africa she and her family are taking care of for a while.) She is always thinking of others before herself. I was overjoyed to be interviewing such a truly amazing woman.

Mrs.Gerrie’s loving nature is shown even more in her work. She goes on mission trips to help the poor and less fortunate with her work through African New Life Ministries and New Life. She so far has been to Africa, Travis High School, and hopes to visit East Austin soon. Her work impacts the lives of thousands.

Mrs.Gerrie was very endearing and open about her experiences on mission trips. I felt like the overall mood of the interview was amazing. Her interview has inspired me (and I’m sure once you read the interview, you too) to help those in need and be grateful for what you do have in life because a lot of people don't have things like clean water. I am so glad I got to hear Mrs. Gerrie's story so I was informed about these issues as well.

I would like to make one last thank you to Mrs.Gerrie and those who take time to read her amazing story of helping children in Africa that are less fortunate than most of us. I hope it inspires you to help someone in need and make a difference in the world.