Lori Wasserburger

As Interviewed by Nellie J., March 25, 2012
"So maybe thatís my personality, maybe it was the way I was raised, but I donít think I was ever afraid to be different. And as a matter of fact, I kind of liked being different."
Lori Wasserburger

Introductory Profile: About Lori Wasserburger

Dr. Lori Wasserburger is a physician, and works with adults. She works in a private practice , and has been working as a doctor for a long time now. She was also in sports for most of her youth, and into her professional life as well. She did many sports as a kid, like running, high jumping, and long jumping. As she got older certain things made her change sports, and made more people stereotype her. Weight lifting, shot-put, and discus were not considered ďfeminineĒ, and despite people judging her, she kept with it, and didn't let people change her opinion.

In the medical world, when she started school, few women studied and went through with a medical profession. They either were discouraged, or had to quit at some point. Some women decided not to become a doctor because of family life. They wanted to have time to have children, and have time to be with their children. Dr. Wasserburger choose to wait and have kids when she was in her private practice, which made her able to go through school without any complications of that sort, even though when she did have her son, she had to take leave because of certain complications.

Lori is tall, blonde, and filled with inspiration. She is a lively woman that has had her heart set since she was small. Her parents raised her never to give up, and thatís just what she did. She grew up in Minocqua, Wisconsin, and she has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her brothers were like mentors, she says, they taught her the most on how to be a strong girl when she was young. Now, she passes these guidelines to her son, and to everyone else, to stand up for what you believe in, and never let other people get in your way.

Dr. Wasserburger is a female doctor that worked hard to become who she is today, but nevertheless, she is herself. She is doing exactly what she wanted to do, and even when she got discouraged or discriminated, she kept going. This interview explains some of her stories and ideas, in both medicine and sports that have remained with her through all these years.