Debbie Odom

As Interviewed by D.W., March 13, 2012
"I was tougher than that. Words don't bother me."
Debbie Odom

Introductory Profile: About Debbie Odom

On March 13, 2012, I spoke with Debbie Odom on her experiences with discrimination against women. Ms. Odom is a middle-aged woman with short dark hair and is a friend of my grandmother. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, is a retired law enforcer, and likes to ride motorcycles. She worked as a law enforcer from the age of 21 to 2007 when she retired. I talked to her about what it was like to experience female discrimination.

Ms. Odom has a soft accent and has a very nice personality to be around. She is easy to talk to and was willing to tell me about her experiences as a female law enforcer over many years. Ms. Odom is married and has an adopted 16-year-old biracial son.

The overall feeling of the interview was very relaxed. Even though I had never met Ms. Odom before, she was very friendly and happy to help me. Ms. Odom was polite and her belief was that it is more important to show people your worth, than to talk about it.

I interviewed Ms. Odom to get a feel for what female discrimination means to someone who has experienced it. I enjoyed getting to talk to her, and it will help me in the future with female discrimination that I might experience.