Chrissie C.

As Interviewed by Jared R., March 17, 2012
"I think just by working hard and working with other females in the industry that, that was my contribution to try to have females respected."
Chrissie C.

Introductory Profile: About Chrissie C.

Chrissie C. is a female who was discriminated against in a couple of ways just because she was a woman. For example, when she was working she found out through research that she was getting paid less than the men who were working at the same job. Also, when she was brought in to see a client for her job, the client did not even address her presence just because she was female. Chrissie C. went through being discriminated against and when she was insulted she could not do much so she just worked harder to prove that she was equally as good as the men.

Chrissie C. has brown, straight hair and brown eyes and she is a little bit shorter than average height. She is a very sweet, happy, and cheerful woman who loves her family. She is a great person who likes to laugh and enjoys cooking. She is very welcoming and likes making other people happy too.

Chrissy C. was born in New York and grew up in the city of New Orleans. She married a military officer and a bit later she went back home and then back to college. She re-entered the workforce in the 1970ís and then moved to Germany. She returned to another army base and attended classes to help military wives and she worked as a stay-at-home mother. She went into banking in the 1980ís and now she lives a happy life with two children and two grandchildren.

The overall feeling that the interview gives is that the story is informative and that the story matters. The facts are being told, however it is not boring; it is very interesting and when you start listening you want to hear more. You begin to really care about what happened in her life.

Chrissie C. fought by working even harder than before to show the people around her that she was just as good as the men working, too. My interview was very interesting and enjoyable because I got to hear a good story about a woman who endured the insults and disrespect over some time in her life. She was a very good interviewee who answered my questions very well. She gave me great answers and was enjoyable to work with.