Pat W. Maples

As Interveiwed by Bruno A. Maples, March 18,2012
"I feel like the gap in salaries between gender in this country is disgraceful."
Pat W. Maples

Introductory Profile: About Pat W. Maples

I interviewed Pat Maples on the topic of women's rights in the work place. Her angle, as a feminist, is that discrimination towards women needs to stop. She believes that when you treat half your work force with disrespect, it’s bad for the whole country. As she sees it, a world with women in charge would be a gentler place.

Pat is a kind woman in her mid-sixties. Her hair is curled and grey, and she has kind smile. Her glasses are wide, silver ovals. She is very easy going and very polite. She is the mother of two children and has six grandchildren, including me and my siblings.

She was in the work force, outside the home, for 47 years, and did not go to college when she graduated from high school. She worked for the state until she had her first child. Then she worked for an A/C company until she had her second child. Most of her jobs involved typing and dictation.

There was a very serious yet light hearted mood in the air during the interview. Pat spoke in a tone that sounded both caring and upset by the disrespect that she and the other women have been treated with.

Talking to my grandmother about these issues was a good experience for me because I learned a lot about my grandma that I did not know before. Listening to her experiences, I felt enlightened, and I hope you do too.