Khuloud (Lulu) Hussain

As Interviewed by Olivia Grace Young, on March 21, 2012
"It is Islamically illegal to hang out with a guy that isn't related to you, which is hard."
Khuloud (Lulu) Hussain

Introductory Profile: About Khuloud (Lulu) Hussain

I interviewed Khuloud Hussain, a woman who formally lived in Saudi Arabia. I talked with her about how womenís lives in Saudi Arabia differed from the lives of an American woman's
point of view and also how the laws worked around her hometown, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Khuloud (Lulu) is very sweet and intelligent and loves kids. She has long, dark hair, brown eyes, and wears glasses around the house. She is medium height, and has no children of her own, although she loves working with them.

She teaches preschoolers and is starting her own Montessori school for young children. She used to live in Saudi Arabia, and now lives in Austin, Texas. She owns a cat that is very sweet and loves attention.

While I was asking Lulu the interview questions, she was listening very hard, not getting distracted. She left the door open, which really made the house and the neighborhood around it have a lot of personality. When Lulu replied to my questions, she chose her words wisely and took time to answer the questions thoroughly and didnít just reply with yes and no answers.

She was very calm throughout the whole interview, yet very serious. We had a few laughs, and got right back on topic.

Overall, the interview was very pleasant. I was very tense at first, but her voice was nice and soothing, and I started to relax right when she started talking. I started to wish that I had more questions on her daily life. She had a very interesting topic that I learned a lot about. Hopefully we will see each other around sometime.