Richard Hile

As Interviewed by Harrison Kuczaj, March 24, 2012
"Weíve started seeing the addition of power lines and, in some places, refrigeration. I think thatís one of the signs that our work is really making a difference."
Richard Hile

Introductory Profile: About Richard Hile

I interviewed my grandfather, Richard Hile, for this project. I interviewed him about his work for the nation of Honduras, which is deep in poverty. The organization he works for is called Honduran Outreach, and they mainly focus on bringing schools and medical care to the more rural areas of Honduras.

Richard is a very quiet and straightforward man, as well as extremely intelligent. He is very honest and doesnít like to blather on, however he is very friendly and kind. He has a medium build, is quite tall, and is bald with grey hair. He is sixty-two and wears glasses, but is still incredibly active and bikes constantly.

Richard works for a law firm called Dies&Hile, and is highly respected among the field. He attended Texas Tech Institute of Law. He also has the privilege of writing legislation. He has one daughter as well as a stepdaughter, and is married to Susie Hile. He became involved with Honduran Outreach through the Tarrytown Methodist Church. He has been involved with the organization ever since.

The interview was quite relaxed, but also very official, since it took place in his office. He was very straight forward, and didnít behave in a notable way. He seemed very sympathetic when he spoke about the Hondurans, especially when referencing the children.

The entire interview was very interesting, and eye opening to the poverty outside, our very sheltered way of life. We have it lucky, actually being able to go to college, having medical care. I donít think many of us could make it outside our easy, suburban lifestyle.