Juanell Matthews Garcia

As Interviewed by Matthew Garcia, March 12, 2012
"Work hard and prove to everyone that you are good."
Juanell Matthews Garcia

Introductory Profile: About Juanell Matthews Garcia

Juanell Matthews Garcia was born on January 18th, 1931. She grew up in the small town of Sunset, Texas and was raised to accept what she has and not to make a fuss about anything. She graduated from North Texas State and studied business administration and secondary education. After college, she went to work for the IBM Corporation from November 1952—December 31st 1988. Mrs. Garcia retired early on the 31st because she had an incentive worth two year’s salary to retire at that time.

Mrs. Garcia is living a nice retired life while her two sons, Patrick and Tony are raising their children and her daughter Alejandra is taking care of her and her husband Antonio. My Uncle Pat has one son; Marcello and Tony’s two sons are Neilan and me; Matthew. Mrs. Garcia is 81 and she has short, curly, gray hair. She enjoys walking her daughter’s dog; Izzy and is always in a good mood. One situation in which Mrs. Garcia was unfairly treated because of her gender was when a man on her floor level was promoted and Mrs. Garcia’s manager came down to tell her that the reason she hadn’t been promoted was because she was female and they didn’t give promotions or managerial jobs.

During the interview, Mrs. Garcia spoke over the fine in a clear voice, though in some parts it was static. Mrs. Garcia always gave good answers to my questions, and for some questions, she gave me more information than I asked. Mrs. Garcia spoke calmly and understandably, as she told her story.

Overall, the interview was a good one. Mrs. Garcia seemed to enjoy talking to me and telling her story. She returned my thanks when I concluded the interview and thanked her for her time. I was a little nervous, but Mrs. Garcia spoke audibly and gave an appropriate amount of information.