Meg Barnhouse

As Interviewed by Cyrus Cutter, March 16, 2012
"And sometimes you donít even know when you are getting discriminated against because you donít get a job or you donít get asked to do something or asked to join a certain group. You donít know is it because Iím a woman, because iím unitarian, is it because Iím gay or is it they just donít like me."
Meg Barnhouse

Introductory Profile: About Meg Barnhouse

Meg Barnhouse grew up in North Carolina and philadelphia. She grew up in a christian family and her dad worked in the news, she is currently in a relationship with a woman but had a husband once before. She still shares many views with her parents but now she is a unitarian minister at a church here in austin.

Meg Barnhouse looks like a kind and intelligent person. For college she went to Duke and then Princeton seminary to study in order to become a minister. She seems to have a upbeat and accepting attitude. She is also quite emotional about family and seems to value it a lot. On top of that she is a singer songwriter in her free time.

Before meg was a minister in texas she was a minister in South Carolina where she grew up. At her first church she started a gay pride march. At the very first one held in that town there were about 30 protesters and 500 marchers. The next year the number of people participating in the parade tripled. It has continued to grow from then on.

During the entire interview Meg was very talkative and willing to share any information I asked her about. At one point she cried but it was out of love for her two sons whom she had been reminded about. She had many stories to share that very thoroughly answered a lot of my questions.