Patricia G.

As Interviewed by Alec G., March 16, 2012
"Education is clearly one of the most important factors to reducing poverty, and so we need to act as best we can."
Patricia G.

Introductory Profile: About Patricia G.

This is Patricia. She was born an Argentinian and has seen many things in her early life and has a lot of stories to tell about poverty. From kids sleeping in the streets, to people selling drugs to make a living, she has seen it all. In much of her teen life, she would help these impoverished people by donating clothing, food, and other necessities, so that they would feel better, and society could take baby steps for the better in Argentina.

Patricia is a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an enjoyable smile, however not distracting from her simple pair of jeans and a red button-down shirt. Everything seems pretty casual except for her one of a kind pearl earrings, which she never takes off. Patricia is always in a good mood. She’s positive, encouraging, and she loves sharing her knowledge and experiences to anyone who wants to listen.

Patricia was born and grew up in Buenos Aires. After finishing school, she worked at various locations, until she found a job as an escrow officer at a title company, working there from 1992-1998. After that, she left for the U.S. with her boyfriend she had met a while back. Wanting to start a new life, she and her boyfriend settled for Houston, TX, and opened up to the many possibilities the country had to offer. A few years passed, and Patricia thought of moving to Austin to raise her young son at the age of only 2. Now she resides here in Austin, living a wonderful life with her husband and son.

The interview was very calm. Patricia talked very smoothly, but firmly, clearly wanting to address every point of her argument. The detail she put into the talk was very resourceful, something that can easily be understood by hearing her words slowly coming out of her mouth, and how she went from topic to topic about each different perspective on poverty. Everything she said sounded very important to her, she felt very strongly about her words, and she knew what she was talking about.

With poverty being a major issue, it’s very hard to clearly understand what is going in this world, but Patricia can tell you all about it. She is a fantastic person to get to know and a great mother at that. Even though her life wasn’t all peachy keen back in Argentina, she strives to support her family, and do the best she can to stay a strong woman.