Sarah Weddington

As Interviewed by Samuel Swafford, March 2, 2012
"I think young people have the energy to take on and solve those issues that are there. I would say, please think about where you can leave your thumbprint."
Sarah Weddington

Introductory Profile: About Sarah Weddington

I interviewed Sarah Weddington. Ms. Weddington argued Roe vs. Wade before the Supreme Court of the United States of America. She is one of the reasons abortion is legal today. Sarah Weddington supported the idea that women have the right to choose what happens to their body. When Sarah Weddington was in the Texas Legislature, she was trying to get contraceptives into the health care plan, so they would be available for women without enough money to pay for them.

Sarah Weddington is a woman with a radiant personality. She was generous with her time to let me interview her. Sarah Weddington was raised in west Texas. She went to Mac Murray College. Then she decided to go to the University of Texas law school. She worked for a law professor and did a project on ethics within the Texas State Bar. She went to Fort Worth and was an assistant city attorney.

The interview took place in her office. Around the walls of her office there were pictures of her with political figures. There were also pictures of her accepting numerous awards. At first I was nervous interviewing her, but then I settled in and became comfortable asking her questions. Sarah Weddington was not nervous the entire time. This is probably because she has done hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews.