Sean and Yuko C.

As Interviewed by James Caras, March 10, 2012
"I felt that it was either because I was Japanese or I was a woman. I think the guy at the other shop thought I was under-educated and so I would pay that much. "
Sean and Yuko C.

Introductory Profile: About Sean and Yuko C.

In my interview, I talked mostly to Yuko, because she was the one who I felt was going through the most social injustice. I conducted my interview over the phone while Sean was on a bike ride back home. Some topics we talked about were how it was harder for her to find a job and adopt a child.

Sean and Yuko are a married couple living in Washington. Yuko is Japanese, while Sean is Greek.

They have been trying to adopt since last summer, and they have not had any luck so far. This is what I interviewed them mostly about. They also talked about how they are trying to adopt a child that needs a home, but it is a very long process. I also talked to them about job issues and citizenship.

The interview seemed laid back and relaxed in tone because they were at home and felt more comfortable. I called Sean while he was on his bike, so the first part was a little hard to hear. When he got home though, it got quieter.

In the end this interview was mostly about Yuko and the social injustices she's faced.