Steve Crow

As Interviewed by Max Genet, March 10, 2012
"There really isn't any person who shouldn't have access to medical care."
Steve Crow

Introductory Profile: About Steve Crow

The interview took place at his house. He was sitting next to me at a large circular table. We were facing each other. Behind him was a window, and I could see it was raining outside.

He seemed calm as he drank his tea. He offered me something to drink, but I said no thanks. He didnít seem nervous or scared, he was just calm.

He was dressed in warm clothes, pants and a long sleeved, buttoned down shirt. He answered my questions calmly and didnít seem to mind when I asked another one.

There was a light sound of rain in the background. We were both relaxed as I asked the questions and he replied. He didnít seem rushed when he answered, but seemed happy when the interview was over.