Ayan Ismail

As Interview by Margeaux Brown, March 24, 2012
"The social injustice in Somalia was horrendous."
Ayan Ismail

Introductory Profile: About Ayan Ismail

The interviewee’s name is Ayan Ismail. I interviewed her about her childhood growing up in Somalia. She talked about her memories, experiences, and thoughts about social injustice. The interview moved along smoothly and comfortably.

Ayan has very many siblings and a large extended family. She grew up in northern Somalia, and came to America in 1989. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, and works for Immigrant and Refugee Aid, Inc.

I interviewed Ayan over the phone on a Saturday. The tone of the interview was thoughtful, and she pointed out memories of her childhood that gave me an idea on what growing up in Somalia during the time of a dictatorship. There were large cases of social injustice where she lived, ranging from women’s rights to the government’s abuse of power. She also told me about how different Somalia is from America in terms of education and how women are treated.

Ayan stayed calm throughout the entire interview. She had a good answer for everything, and built a strong monologue. I never needed to prompt her, only to ask questions from time to time. The interview lasted just over twenty minutes, but Ayan said a lot.