Nuri Vallbona

As Interviewed by Kachelle Kaufhold, March 2012
"Sometimes I couldn't fall asleep because of the images from the camps. I just couldn't get them out of my head."
Nuri Vallbona

Introductory Profile: About Nuri Vallbona

Nuri Vallbona has seen many things both good and bad just like anyone else, the thing that separates her from other people is the fact that she looks at the world through a camera lens.

Nuri Vallbona is a photojournalist who was working at the Miami Herald in 2003 when she was assigned a big story. Her partner told her they were covering a slavery issue in north Florida that was taking advantage of homeless men on the street and making them work hours on end. She was horrified and couldnít believe the awful activity was still an ongoing issue in our country and didnít want to imagine what it would be like.

Nuri is about five and a half feet tall with shoulder length dark brown hair. She is friendly, open and brave for being able stand seeing things such as slavery and abuse. Nuri has light brown eyes that match her hair, she is very professional when it comes to her work and is a great photographer, she has received many honors and awards for her pictures. She was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a Neiman Fellow at Harvard.

My interviewee was born in Houston, Texas and grew up knowing how to speak Spanish, English, and some French. Her father was born in Spain and her mother was born in Costa Rica. She grew up with a lot of different languages and cultures.

Our interview was serious and relaxed. My interviewee was very professional the entire time and gave very good descriptions. The stories she told me were a bit dark when she described the homes and fields the workers had to live in. I started to see what people can really do in society and that its not always good and we can do something to stop this problem.