Rep. Elliott Naishtat

As Interviewed by Oona Moorhead, March 6, 2012
"They promised me San Francisco, but the government lied, and they sent me to Eagle Pass, Texas."
Rep. Elliott Naishtat

Introductory Profile: About Rep. Elliott Naishtat

Rep. Elliott Naishtat works for the Texas Legislature. His office is in the basement, and is like every office at the Texas State Capitol: book shelves on every open piece of wall, dark leather chairs and loveseats, low coffee tables with glass awards, and plaques on every flat surface.

He is a tall man with a serious face. While the interview was relaxed, he hardly broke a smile. He would occasionally put on his reading glasses to glance at the questions, then lower them to think. He was clearly thoughtful, and looked to be trying not to go off on tangents. His stories were full of details, and he painted vivid pictures.

Rep. Naishtat is originally from New York. He applied to be a VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) and was hoping to go to a large city, like San Francisco. He was certainly not expecting to go to Eagle Pass, Texas. Rep. Naishtat worked to help kids avoid gangs and help get water to the arid town. He still works in public policy.

I was told by his Administrative Aide before I walked in, that he wouldn’t sit still for more than 30 minutes. Right off the bat, I was nervous I would get even the minimum required for the project. I wasn’t the only one surprised when I walked out the door with 37 minutes of material.

We left his office and went into the waiting room, near the hallway doors. I shook his hand, and he cracked a smile. After a quick picture of us, we went on our way. I would say the interview went well, and I certainly enjoyed it.