Kinko Ogura

As Interviewed by Michael Masuo, March 29, 2012
"When I was little, there were people that we were segregated from called the Buraku people. I was not sure why these people were segregated from us, but we were told to stay away from them. Back then people thought that the Buraku people were kind of gross and not like normal Japanese people. When we walked through their area of town, we felt uneasy and a little bit frightened. "
Kinko Ogura

Introductory Profile: About Kinko Ogura

Kinko Ogura was a part of the group that was discriminating against the Buraku people. She did not directly do anything to discriminate against the Buraku people, but she did not do anything to stop it. The most interesting part of the interview was the part in which she talked about the book that was illegally published that listed all of the people that were living in the Buraku. I didn't know that Japanese companies hated Buraku people so much.

Kinko is 73 years old and is about 5 feet tall. She is a very active person for her age. She enjoys swimming and painting as well as traveling. Kinko also used to love mountain climbing but unfortunately she has knee problems so she is no longer able to go mountain climbing. She is very family oriented and loves to visit her grandkids.

Kinko was born on November 1, 1938 in Kanazawa City, Japan. Her parents were Katsuji Matsumoto and Yoshiko Matsumoto. She has four sisters and one brother. Unfortunately, two of her sisters have died of sickness. She currently lives in Hirakata City, Japan, with her husband Toshiharu Ogura.

The overall mood of the interview was normal. It was not very emotional. All she was doing was telling me about the experience she had when she was younger. Even though she did not directly hurt anyone, she did not do anything to stop discrimination of the Buraku people. However, looking back she recognizes what she'd been taught about the inferiority of the Buraku was not true. Thankfully, discrimination of the Buraku people has almost disappeared, and the Buraku neighborhoods are starting to disappear.