Marimel Ansdell

As Interviewed by Alexandra Andsell, March 2012
"And before we got the food we had to sign a paper saying we would vote for them."
Marimel Ansdell

Introductory Profile: About Marimel Ansdell

Maria Milagrossa Villiarin Superada (now known as Marimel Ansdell) was born June 4, 1965 in Tacloban City, Philippines, where she grew up with her grandparents and eight other siblings. Marimel lived in the Philippines until she was 21, and then decided that there were better things for her elsewhere. Marimel lived in Singapore for a while before moving to Ontario and, finally, Texas. Marimel has the black hair, dark eyes, and the short height of a Philippine woman. She is the mother of two kids. Marimel normally has an energetic outgoing personality that can become strict when necessary.

In this interview, Marimel describes her life prior to leaving the Philippines. She describes how life was under Ferdinand Marcos’s regime. Marimel was one of the leaders in her community, and she was the third oldest of nine kids. Marimel has been a leader for most of her life. Here is Marimel Ansdell: In Her Own Words.