Cynthia Osborne

As Interviewed by I. B., March 14, 2013
"I can’t fix a problem unless I really understand it and see it firsthand."
Cynthia Osborne

Introductory Profile: About Cynthia Osborne

Dr. Cynthia Osborne, is committed to creating an equal starting point for all children. She chose to become a professor so she could better understand why inequality exists and solutions to try to solve the problem. Working at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, allows her to educate other young professionals on inequality so they can go out into the world and make a difference as well. She follows the philosophy that you can’t really understand a problem unless you get in the middle of it. This is why she decided to leave a high paying consulting job and become a middle school teacher in a low income community. If education is the key to success she wanted to understand why some kids “fail” and other kids “succeed.”

Being raised as a middle class white girl, she didn’t always realise the advantages her community and family provided her. Dr. Cynthia Osborne was born in Louisiana and moved to California when she was very young. Her parents were conservative about the role of government, and raised their three children to be conservative as well. After going to Claremont McKenna college and working as an Economic Consultant, she decided that the government should have a bigger role in education. After that, she wanted to become a teacher for four years, and then went to Harvard and Princeton to work with and learn from some of the best in her field. Dr. Osborne then became a professor at LBJ and is working to strengthen families and education in Texas.

Dr. Osborne’s goal is, creating equal opportunities for all kids in the state of Texas and the world. She believes that you shouldn’t be able to predict a child’s outcome based on certain characteristics such as who their parents are. You can see by the way she talks throughout the interview that she is very enthusiastic about this subject and does whatever is in her power to make a change.

Having such dedication to a subject for such a long time is a really hard thing to do, but Dr. Osborne has certainly exceeded all expectations. All throughout Texas, she has made lives of families and children so much better. Dr. Osborne has set up home visiting programs which allow at-risk families to receive help, from experts, in raising their child before they get to school, so the children can have a more equal background. Working on the National Level, and within the state of Texas, she helps evaluate programs and make them better for people that are assisted by them. Dr. Osborne has made a change in so many people’s lives and has done so many great things in the perspective of equal opportunities in early childhood.