Patricia Conneen

as Interviewed by Griffin A., March 14,2013
"You can have it all, but not all at once."
Patricia Conneen

Introductory Profile: About Patricia Conneen

My grandmother, Patricia Conneen, was discriminated against professionally based on gender bias, some would say she was a victim of discrimination against women. She was paid much less than men
of the same or lesser rankings until she worked for a female boss. After she complained to her female boss about inequality, she got a big raise to almost match the men’s.

Later she became the first female editor-in-chief of A.M. Best, an insurance publication and ratings agency.

My grandmother is over 70 years-old and has red hair and some freckles. She is mostly Irish and was born and raised in Jersey City. Even though her father was superintendent of Jersey City public schools she went to private Catholic schools. She is really good at singing and piano, English was her major in college with a minor in music.

The mood of the interview was easy feeling, I have talked to her a lot before. She really wanted to help me and was extremely cooperative. The interview was also professional: she had done interviews before and prepared answers beforehand since I emailed her my questions.

I think I got a lot of good information from the interview and the story and it was very intriguing. She wasn’t a bystander or an upstander really.