William Cooper

As Interviewed by Mia Cooper, March 30, 2013
"The whole bullying thing, itís like everything else. There are some very clear black and white examples but then thereís a lot of grey, and that's what makes it such an interesting issue."
William Cooper

Introductory Profile: About William Cooper

William, known to his friends as Bill, is just about the most stubborn man you will ever meet. At least, when it comes to what he believes in, his morals, values. This might be an effect of witnessing and experiencing childhood bullying. He lived in an orphanage when he was little, and until high school, he had gone to a catholic school. He had no idea why bullying happened, only that it was wrong and that whenever he saw it he should stand in for somebody. And now that heís an adult he hates bullying and is terribly sad to learn of anyone being bullied and no one ever sticking up for them. He wishes that there was always someone like him, someone that knows what its like to be bullied, that will stand up in the name of justice. But unfortunately...thatís not always the case.

Bill is about average height, standing at 5í11. He has wavy brown hair and eyes that change from sky blue to sea green in the sun. Heís really sweet and makes lots of jokes, he likes to make other people smile. But his jokes are never mean or meant to insult someone, always humorous. He never says anything about anyone behind their backs and hates when other people talk about him. He also has a very good attitude about the hard parts of his childhood, knowing that it made him who he is today. He lived in Houston until he was older, and moved to Austin for high school with foster parents. He went to Reagan High School where he met his wife, Cristina. Together they had their three children, Blake, Mia, and Cristian.

When he was talking about his past, he was mostly all smiles and laughs. He has a healthy relationship with his past, never stopping to dwell on it, but knowing it undoubtedly helped form who he is today. But of course, when it came too telling the hard stories, I think anyone would have gotten slightly emotional. Especially when talking about his older brother, Bill would sometime get a little teary eyed thinking of all the difficult things he had to go through as a child. But not once did he say that he regretted anything that ever happened to him, or that he was bitter towards any of his bullies. Overall, he couldnít be more happy to share his experiences with me because he wants to make sure that any young person getting bullied knows that there are other people going through the same thing, and that everything will get better.

Bill hates bullying, yet he also knows that it made him a stronger person. But he would never say that bullying is a good thing, because he knows how terrible it can be. My interview with him really showed me that it doesnít take much to stand up for someone. And that one simple action, can mean the world too someone getting bullied. He went from being a victim of bullying, to being a rescuer to people being bullied. He thinks that the feeling you get when you make a difference is incomparable to any other feeling in the world. He also says, if there was one person in life that can be the difference, itís you.