John Encandela

As Interviewed by Alex Siegenthaler, March 5, 2013
"[For my dream project] I would form a sort of coalition of private donors and nonprofits to deal with the issue [of poverty]."
John Encandela

Introductory Profile: About John Encandela

In this interview about poverty in the U.S., I am interviewing my godfather, John Encandela. John has worked as an evaluator for projects for several years, and has worked with many organizations such as the Pew Charitable Trusts (PEW) and New Alternatives for Children (NAC). He described several interesting events during the interview: one his stories was about going to South Africa and another was about working as a helper in a mental facility as a teenager during the summer.

John Encandela is a medium tall man around 5í 5Ē with dark hair and light brownish skin. He is of European descent and is openly homosexual. He is in his fifties and was born in Pittsburgh PA. Finally, he is a professor at Yale and has worked with many non-profits over the years.

In this interview, John had a friendly mood, and he was quite talkative. Our conversation was mostly light and informative. He behaved as if it was more of a conversation between friends than a serious interview, making it easy for me to ask questions.

Johnís experiences both as a child working and traveling in South Africa have greatly influenced his choice of line of work today. If at an early age his motherís family had not allowed him to help them at the mental institution, he may never have gone into this line of work. Another thing to note about John is his leadership skills. In 2008 he was appointed dean of Academic Affairs at NASSAU University Medical Center, to help strengthen academic programs.