C. L. Wright

As Interviewd by Lydia J., March 15, 2013
"I think it comes from a place of fear; 'What will happen if we do? Will something change in a way that will hurt us?'"
C. L. Wright

Introductory Profile: About C. L. Wright

C. L. Wright is currently the Associate Rector church in Austin, TX, a position she worked very hard to get. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona. After several moves throughout her childhood, and adult years for various reasons, she found her way to Austin not even a year ago. She has three children, and a husband.

To get to where she is today, C. L. Wright has faced many hardships. Due to her gender, she has had to persevere through all kinds of discrimination to get ordained, and find welcoming jobs. Though she is in a good place today, her struggle required an immense amount of determination.

C. L. Wright is extremely tall, stocky, yet very skinny. She has red hair and pale skin, with lots of freckles. She is tremendously pleasant and giving, while still being strong and determined. She speaks very thoughtfully and with intent, and is obviously very determined in all her actions. She believes in rights for all, and is an activist for many rights issues, including LGBT Rights, Women’s Rights, and through the church and otherwise, rights for Refugees and the Impoverished.

The mood in the room while we talked was very pensive. There was no major anger around the subject, nor copious amounts of sadness. Everything felt very reflective, and all of her stories were very well spoken and well thought out. I left with a good grasp of her feelings at the time, but also with an understanding of the way she views these things now; with composure and understanding of why the oppressors were acting the way they did.

In C. L. Wright’s story, the underlying theme is that, even if you’re told you can’t do something, always pursue the thing you love. No matter if you are a woman, man, gay, straight, or anything at all, you can always achieve what you want if you try your hardest. I believe this is an idea that should be at the forefront of every human’s mind, any time we go after something we believe in and love. C. L. Wright’s story is a message to us all that we can do anything, if we persevere.