Lori K. Duke

As Interviewed by Emma B., March 8, 2013
"Social justice is the ability to be heard, and in my realm it would be the courtroom, that the judge is hearing from everyone no matter how poor, how uninformed, how unsophisticated the person is before making a decision."
Lori K. Duke

Introductory Profile: About Lori K. Duke

As soon as she walked into the house, Lori K. Duke started talking with my mother and father. My mom and Lori were friends, so, as usual parents and their friends do, they talked for a while. During this time, I was marking which questions I would use for the interview. When the time finally came, I sat across from her at the wooden dinning room table. Lori seemed kind and understandable, so I wasn’t really worried. I thought the interview would be simple and somewhat interesting. I was wrong. What she told me about her personal experiences opened my eyes, very widely, to the meaning of social justice.

The first characteristic I noticed about Lori was her presence. She could not be ignored. Along with standing out, she had ideas, and was not afriad to voice them. She had strong will and determination. She also had that kindness of wanting to help, and wanting to do so in her life. Her hair is a light brown, and matches her brown eyes. She walked proudly, and held her head high. In one sentence - she was an inspirational person.

At first, the interview was what I would call “On the outside” and had good points to it, but it wasn’t until later in the interview that she started talking about what the kids she was defending needed, and how serious the cases could be. The mood changed from light to more serious. There was a common mood throughout the interview though- hopeful.

After she left, I realized several things. I realized that if there are people like Lori K. Duke fighting for social justice, then the victims have a great chance of being rescued. The most important realization I had was that the world may have many grave situations and injustices, but we can stand against it. Also, that most people don’t realize how real stories about social justice are, or how powerful they can be.