As Interviewed By Ames, March 17, 2013
"They're already in a situation of powerlessnes...They already have someone telling them what to do."

Introductory Profile: About Cacki

My interviewee is Cacki. She lives in Austin, TX and is a real-estate lawyer. She volunteers at SafePlace, a program working to help survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. She works mainly with survivors of domestic violence. Her work involves sitting with women and men who have filed for a protective order, and helping them understand the logistics of their situations. Often she hears the survivor’s stories and talks with them as they await their hearings.

She is a petite 5 foot 3 woman. Her short hair is dark brown with streaks of grey. She lounged comfortably on the couch throughout the interview. She has lived in Austin most of her life with the exception of several northeastern cities. She has two children, a 13 and an almost 10 year old. She attended William and Mary College and Georgetown Law. She is a very hard-working and dedicated woman.

The mood of the interview was very relaxed, even with such a serious subject. It was very casual. She seemed very comfortable with talking about these sad things, but if you have to listen to them a lot, you would get good at keeping your emotions in check. Cacki answered all the questions easily and the atmosphere remained relatively light.

Cacki is a relatively ordinary human being, with a busy schedule and a family to manage. Yet she finds the time to try and help people in difficult situations move on with their lives and help them stay safe. I am very glad knowing there are plenty of people out there willing to try and do something to help those less fortunate than them. Overall, it was very interesting to hear from some who themselves have never actually been a bystander or a victim, but is simply trying to make the world a better place in whatever spare time they have.