Li-Chu Fu

As Interviewed by Edward L, March 10, 2013
"There are no differences, all are equal."
Li-Chu Fu

Introductory Profile: About Li-Chu Fu

I interviewed my grandmother, Li-Chu Fu by phone. She is 75 years old, and has lived through considerable changes in Taiwan, her home for 61 years. During the 1940’s, when Li-Chu was a child, sexual discrimination was rampant in Taiwan. Boys would often bully girls, and teachers would not care enough to take action in defense of the girls. In Li-Chu’s home, being the oldest and a female, she was often treated the worst because the oldest was expected to do more, and women especially had to work hard. “You do your vest and keep moving,” she said. She talked about her experiences and how she felt about sexism.

Li-Chu Fu stands 5 feet 1 inches tall, and has wrinkles and white hair. She is skinny because of past malnutrition. Because of her Asian descent, Li-Chu has a dark-yellow skin. Her teeth are rotted from improper hygiene during childhood. Throughout her life, she has lived in many places. She currently lives in Taichiung, Taiwan. Her family fled from China because of communism, and lived in Kaoshuing, Taiwan. Later, she ran away to Hwalian to marry, because her husband was poor, and not able to pay her dad’s requested 100,000 yuans. She had a son and a daughter. When Li-Chu retired from teaching, she moved to Taichung, where she still lives, and takes care of her son.

For Li-Chu, sexism was a big problem, but that concern has been mostly solved, so she is willing to talk about her past experiences. Throughout most of the interview, Li-Chu managed to sound cheerful and thoughtful. During some parts, when she was recalling a time when she was subject to physical violence, her voice dropped, and a bit of pain crept into her voice. We were both respectful to each other during the conversation; we both listened intently to the other.

At the end of the interview, I felt I knew my grandmother better, and understood much more about sexual discrimination. My grandmother gave me more detailed description of sexism, and the type of abuse and violence she experienced. I was amazed that my grandmother lived through such unfairness. My grandmother was philosophical about the abuse in her past and says her life is much better now.