Kholoud Hussain

As Interviewed By Max Chee-Garza, March 11, 2011
"People who try to do some kind of demonstration or protest or marches, or show any signs of dissatisfaction of the government or opposition to the government, means you’re not welcome and, basically, you’re in trouble. "
Kholoud Hussain

Introductory Profile: About Kholoud Hussain

Kholoud lived in Saudi Arabia and was born and raised there. She lived in a very moderate/liberal family. Her father was Egyptian and exposed her to culture from outside Saudi Arabia.

She has worked in the news industry in Saudi Arabia and was strongly against the media not being allowed to cover negative things. In America she now works at The Montessori Center where my mother works. In Saudi Arabia basic rights for women were being refused by the government, so many terrible things were happening. She was very frustrated at the Saudi Arabian government. She is not very traditional and dislikes the way they use religion in the government.

Kholoud was very serious during the interview. She treated the subject as something in the past but still important. Kholoud is opposed to the way women and the poor are treated in Saudi Arabia. Being in Saudi Arabia has showed her, firsthand, a government that is able to treat a very large part of its population poorly.