Chelvi K.

Devang Deepak, March 12, 2013
"The pride that she and her family felt and expressed is something that I can still see in my eyes today."
Chelvi K.

Introductory Profile: About Chelvi K.

Chelvi K., my interviewee, shared her invaluable experiences of helping people in Sri Lanka who were devastated by the tsunami that hit them in 2004.

Chelvi K., was a very calm, formal, matter-of-fact type of person. She was a stranger, but I felt at ease when I spoke to her. She is from Sri Lanka, a country off the south coast of India. She has black hair and brown eyes. The religion that she follows is Hinduism. Chelvi is currently 27 years old and was born in Columbo, Sri Lanka She works as a Supply Chain Analyst at AMD. She has one sister who lives in Sri Lanka. She is married and doesn’t have any children.

The background noise was soothing as it was not entirely quiet, with just the faint yet audible hum of the air conditioner working. The interviewee’s conversational tone and matter-of-fact style helped me because I am used to that sort of speaking. The interview covered a sad topic, but she helped me understand her experiences.