Cynthia Sanders

As Interviewed by Ayden Gonzalez, March 26, 2013
"There was so much discrimination. Back then you were discriminated against if you were a girl. You were discriminated against if you wore a beard. You were discriminated against if you werr Hispanic; if you were, okay, if you were black – there was discrimination everywhere. That's why there was so much unrest back then."
Cynthia Sanders

Introductory Profile: About Cynthia Sanders

Cynthia “Cindy” Sanders is a 55 year-old Caucasian female that has dyed blond hair and brown eyes. She was born in Belton, Texas. She has three grown children and now lives in Bastrop. She is a positive, friendly, outgoing, and analytical person. She also has great respect for equal rights and treatment of others.

Cindy passionately believes in peaceful protest and has no respect for the belief that violence can solve our problems. I interviewed her about her experiences as a young adult in the 1960s. This interview has sad tone to it due to the harsh times Cynthia was discussing.