Catherine McHaney

As Interviewed by Meris McHaney, March 15, 2011
"Everyone is equal as they say, but unfortunately we can't pursue that statement."
Catherine McHaney

Introductory Profile: About Catherine McHaney

Catherine McHaney is my grandmother from my father’s side. Throughout the interview I never got bored because I knew that this was my family that she was talking about. The parts where she would talk about my dad and what he was like during this time was the most fun for me to hear about. I’m very glad that I got to interview one of my relatives for this Oral history Report because I just get to learn a lot more about my family.

Catherine McHaney was born in Pettus, Texas in 1933. She went to Sweetbriar College for her freshman and sophomore years of college and then to the University of Texas at Austin for her junior and senior years. She married her husband, James McHaney, (still married) in 1959. In 1967 she settled down in Victoria, Texas where she currently lives. Around 1980 she was assigned to work on the Victoria College and the hospital board in Victoria, Texas. Today she also works at the Victoria Advocate Newspaper and is the secretary of the paper. The Boy Scouts in Victoria most recently recognized Catherine McHaney for her amazing service for the community and the people of Victoria.

Catherine McHaney has thin red hair with pretty blue eyes, which she gave to my father. People say she’s going to live forever! She never stops smiling. She’s about five and a half feet tall. Her voice is so calming along with her personality.

My interview with Mrs. McHaney was very captivating and the mood was happy yet empowering. It lured me into wanting to know more about the rights that I, as a woman, have. I liked looking up all the bills and laws that were passed with respect of women whose main role is to stay home, cook, and take care of the children all day. This interview also made me realize that our government was (is) rather slow at making these changes on women’s rights.

I feel like I have benefited a lot from listening to Catherine McHaney share her experiences and opinions with me on women’s rights and what she did and still does today. Listening to her for about an hour made me think of the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Just because we’re women, don’t think were not any different from anyone else on this planet. Knowing that she was the first woman on the college and hospital board of Victoria, Texas makes me feel a lot more proud to be a McHaney.