Steven Dietz

As Interviewed By Ben Wade, March 11, 2013
"I can't feed Africa, but I can feed this one kid. I can clothe this one kid and I can take care of this one kid."
Steven Dietz

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Steven Dietz is a playwright from Denver, Colorado who has lived in Seattle and several other places before coming to Austin. He currently teaches at UT and works at the ZACH theatre here in Austin. He has a wife and two kids, one of whom is adopted from Ethiopia. In this interview, Steven talks about his experiences with adoption and his opinions on the ethics of it.

Steven is a thin man in his 50s. In good fitness, he has flowing locks of brown/gray hair and sometimes wears reading glasses. Hes kind and welcoming every time I see him. A natural born storyteller, he is very talkative and funny.

During the interview, the feeling was mostly happy and open. We sat outside on his front porch, there were lots of noises including birds singing, cars driving by and leaves crunching. There were moments when Steven seemed to be remembering something and possibly the emotion that came with it, but there were no tears, or any other overwhelming emotion. He did an excellent job at answering questions, and he erased any unsure feelings I had. It was a more comfortable interview since I already knew him, and that got rid of nerves quickly, which helped the whole thing flow much better.

Steven told many fascinating stories and taught me more about his experiences than I imagined. He educated me on things that I was unsure about or uncomfortable discussing. International adoption has never really been something I thought about, but now because of this interview and the knowledge I gained from it, I think it is a very interesting and inspiring subject. Hopefully this source will help anyone who is considering international adoption get better insight into the process and the emotional journey, too.