Aruna Addala

As interviewed by Srikari Swamy, March 23, 2013
"If a woman has made up her mind, and if she is determined, then there is nothing limiting her. "
Aruna Addala

Introductory Profile: About Aruna Addala

I interviewed Aruna Lakshmi Addala about her job as a software engineer, and her responses were opinions and thoughts based on personal workplace experience. After the interview, we talked more with my mother about how women are treated in various places, about recent cases pertaining to mistreatment of females, and about job employment.

A tall woman with black hair and brown eyes, Mrs. Addala is interested in gardening, yoga, and writing. She grew up in India, and was a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Mysore in Karnataka state. Upon getting married, she moved to U.S.A and was a Senior Software Development Engineer at AMD and an Embedded Software Engineer at Motorola. She is currently a compiler verification engineer at NVIDIA. She lives with her children, Vaishnavi and Vaibhavi, and husband, Ravi.

Mrs. Addala thought for a while before talking, and her responses were confident. While I was interviewing her, she was light-hearted yet serious. It was as though she was trying to tell me that although we are talking about discrimination, it’s not torturous discrimination.

Mrs. Addala gave me an insight on the opinions that employees actually hold. Through her, I learned what an effect bias can have on people who are working. I am very grateful to Mrs. Addala for letting me conduct this interview on such a notice, and I have learned a great deal from her.