Gabriela Vasquez

As Interviewed by Diego Landry, March 17, 2013
"The police stopped him, and they... noticed his student ID. And as soon as they saw it, they began beating him."
Gabriela Vasquez

Introductory Profile: About Gabriela Vasquez

I interviewed Gabriela Vasquez, my mother, who lived under the Noriega dictatorship in Panama. My mother happened to grow up in a family that opposed the rule of Noriega, and my mother later developed this opinion for herself. I specifically remember my mother speaking of the time her brother ended up near a large protest and, even though he didn’t demonstrate, the riot police saw his student ID badge, mistook him for one of the protesting students, and began to beat him.

Gabriela Vasquez is about 5’ 2”. She has relatively short, thick, curly dark-brown hair. She has light tan skin with faded freckles and deep brown eyes. My mother was born on February 4, 1960 in Panama City, Panama. She seemed relatively comfortable talking about these events and topics, but she told me later that her brother isn’t, and he rarely talks about his incident.