Tim Kernan

As Interviewed by Hanna Bottema, March 10, 2013
"Our primary mission was to track and hopefully capture or eliminate a group of terrorists who are linked to Al Qaeda. "
Tim Kernan

Introductory Profile: About Tim Kernan

I interviewed Tim Kernan. During our interview, he mainly talked about terrorism, though he briefly touched upon women’s rights in Afghanistan. An important event Mr. Kernan covered during the interview was his trip to the southern Philippines where he was sent to track, capture, or possibly eliminate a group of terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda. He also talked about his experiences in Afghanistan.

Tim Kernan is a retired army warrant office, currently working with an army unit in Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. He is a tall, middle aged man. Mr. Kernan is very outgoing, kind, talkative, and funny. Throughout the whole interview he was very open about his opinions and experiences.

The interview was casual but very informative at the same time. I was able to understand my interviewee’s perspective regarding terrorism and the army. Mr. Kernan was very comfortable answering my questions.

Overall, I believe the interview went very well. I learned a lot about terrorism and its effects on different people. During the interview I was also able to learn about the life of an army officer and the hardships they go through in order to serve their country.