Shu-In Powell

As Interviewed by Isabel Lerman, March 13, 2013
"American had this prejudice against, thinking Asian women would marry a man here because they wanted to immigrate, and they wanted their green card. So, you know, came with a purpose, thatís what they called it. Married with a purpose. And back then, my parents didnít really want me to (leave Taiwan), but they respected me enough to let me make my own decision."
Shu-In Powell

Introductory Profile: Profile

I interviewed Shu-in Powell. She is a short, but interesting and kind lady. Her home is very neat, with a few Chinese decorations hanging around. Her daughter, Hannah is my age and is friends with me. Hannah, my mother, Shu-in and I chatted before the interview. The interview wasnít awkward at all, The interview was not awkward at all, and had a few pauses for me to restate or explain questions. Sadly, my mother interrupted a couple of times.

Shu-in is a very straightforward woman and quite perceptive. She is short with medium cut salt and pepper hair. She has a friendly personality and is very kind. It was extremely easy to talk to her as she was very approachable.

I went to Shu-inís house worrying that the interview would be awkward or would hold bad results. Neither of those things happened, and the interview went smoothly. The interview was very casual and friendly, we even ended up laughing some. It was a very easygoing talk, and was more of a friendly chat than an interview.

As stated before, the interview wasnít dark at all. The content was mainly over differences between Taiwan and the U.S, and her challenges in immigration. It was positive, as her own story has a happy ending, and Shu-inís immigration went smoothly and without many problems. It was an enjoyable experience to interview her and hear how the immigration process went through the eyes of an immigrant.