Amy Wright

As Interviewed by Oliver Powers, March 17, 2013
"My clientís position was that the children should be treated the same in the custodial arrangement as they had been treated in their family."
Amy Wright

Introductory Profile: About Amy Wright

Amy Wright was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1964. She grew up in Shreveport and later moved to Houston with her family. Throughout the interview it seemed as if she felt that the courts in Texas were incredibly biased against homosexual and transgendered people and she felt slightly outraged by the fact that it didnít seem as if many of these laws were going to change for a while. She also seemed astonished by the lack of fair treatment that her client received simply because of her sexual orientation. She also talked about what she believed should be done to make the court system in Texas more fair because she felt her client had been unfairly treated during the case and that her partner was using case law concerning transsexual people unfairly.

She does believe that the judge did her best to keep the trial fair even though case law was strongly in favor of her opposing council. Although the case was heavily waited toward the other party she felt that the overall outcome was just, because they received shared custody and get to see both parents equally.