Lindsey Gaddis Kucsera

As Interviewed by Sierra Moran, March 18, 2013
"I think there are pretty much only advantages to integration with public schools so children can gain real world experience. Itís really great, and I canít think of any disabilities to integration. "
Lindsey Gaddis Kucsera

Introductory Profile: About Lindsey Gaddis Kucsera

My interviewee was Lindsey Kucsera. Lindsey is a special-education teacher in Santa Monica, California. I interviewed Lindsey to learn more about injustice and bias towards children in the special-education program. One of the biggest issues facing children in that program is what they will do after school is over. That was a big question in our interview. Furthermore, another problem today is whether or not children with special needs should be integrated into normal public schools or should have separate schools. Lindsey Kucsera is a big supporter of integration and feels that it is crucial for a child to develop real-world surroundings.

Lindsey Kucsera is a very kind and helpful person. She is almost constantly energetic and always ready to help. Lindsey has strong opinions and tries to do what is best for everyone. She has brown hair and skin tanned from California sun. Lindsey has a huge grin and likes to wear blue. She grew up in Alabama and moved to Texas where she later taught special education at Zilker Elementary for five years. While working there, Lindsey met a man named John Kucsera, who she moved to California with to teach special education in a school in Santa Monica. Lindsey Gaddis married John Kucsera on April 1st 2012.

The tone of this interview was very thoughtful, enthusiastic, and caring. Lindsey took great care formulating what she wanted to say, and it was obvious she had thought about it a lot. Lindseyís words were very enthusiastic as she was proud of what she did and happy to tell the world. You could also tell that every answer she gave was filled with experience and care for the children she teaches.

Lindsey Kucsera is a very loving person who takes much care and devotion in what she does. With every one of her answers, you hear more evidence of devotion. Lindsey wants the absolute best for her students. She thinks that the best learning environment for special education students is through integration into traditional schools. Lindsey feels very strongly towards integration. I believe Lindseyís point is correct and that exposing these children to the actual world and offering interactions with children without disabilities will yield great benefits.