Tomas Moreno

As interviewed by Fernando Moreno, March 19, 2013
"I feel as if I lost my childhood."
Tomas Moreno

Introductory Profile: About Tomas Moreno

Many children in the are victims too many things. Some examples in Mexico are child labor and immigration problems. One victim for example is Tomas Moreno. He was born in Monterrey Mexico, where he went to school and lived with his family. He was only in 6th grade when child labor began to conquer his life. He began working in a construction sight with his brother to bring money and food to his house.

Tomas Moreno is about 5 foot 10, dark skinned, and a very loud personality. He has very dark brown eyes and hair. He loves to sing out loud for fun, mainly inside his eighteen-wheeler. He also has a very deep spanish accent. Sometimes he gets confused when he is pronouncing his vís and bís. He also loves to cook every time he is home with his family. He is also a very hard worker. Sometimes driving 18 hours a day. He also quit school in 6th grade to help his family gain money to feed his 6 brothers and sisters.

Throughout the interview, Tomas tells us how his city was so naive to the fact of child labor. He describes to us how it was a normal part of life for all kids his age. He describes how kids didnít have the education they needed in order to realize that what they were going through is bad. When my interviewee began describing to me how he got here, he seemed as if he had trouble talking about it, because he kept telling me how it was hard to cross the Rio Grande because he knew that there were lots of people that died in that river wanting the same thing. that is ďfreedom and a better life.Ē He also described to me how he feels as if a piece of his childhood was taken away from him, because he had to learn how to take up the responsibilities of an adult at age 13.

My final question for my interviewee was that if he ever regretted any of his decisions. He told me he didn't regret anything because if he had held back, he wouldn't be where he is today. He said that he needs to take some risks some times in order to have a break through. He told me that the only thing that he doesn't enjoy about his situation is that he isn't able to spend all his days with his precious family.