Jim Green

E.G., March 17, 2013
"People were very poor back during that period time, and a lot of them worked in agricultural jobs raising cotton and corn and things like that. And the parents would often times pull their children out of school so that they could work and earn money."
Jim Green

Introductory Profile: About Jim Green

I interviewed Jim Green (my grandfather) about socialism and about the separation of classes. When he was growing up, his family didn't have much money. Also, both his parents didn't go to college. When he got out of high school he joined the army, and after that he never went to college. He grew up on a farm as a child, and for part of his childhood, his father worked on a cotton gin. His mom didn't even go to middle school because she had to help out around the house.

Jim Green is a Caucasian male and is around 68. He was born in Stigler, Oklahoma. He has a hearing problem and has to wear a hearing aid. He is very nice and a good listener. You could have a conversation with him for a very long time. He and my dad will talk for hours on the phone.

I found my interview with Jim Green very interesting and I learned things about him that I never knew. Even though he is my grandfather, I was surprised how much I didn't actually know about him.