Charlotte Flynn

As Interviewed by Moonbeam Glasse, April 9, 2013
"One of the things that Maggie said is that it took the wisdom of the old and the energy of the young to make social action happen. "
Charlotte Flynn

Introductory Profile: About Charlotte Flynn

I interviewed Charlotte Flynn about her experiences with the Gray Panthers. We met each other through Linda, one of my best friendsí aunt. I was excited about interviewing Mrs. Flynn because of she was involved in a well-known group that fights for rights, especially for the elderly. Not only was she a part of the Gray Panthers, but being friends with Maggie Kuhn, she served as the organizationís national leader.

Charlotte Flynn is an elderly woman, about 93 years-old. Though sometimes straying from the topic, she was very energetic. She had a full head of curly white hair. Her face was soft and kind, and she warmly invited us into her home. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, into a family with many brothers and sisters. She also has a large extended family.

The mood was very relaxed and casual. Mrs. Flynn was very eager to have somebody to listen to her stories, and we were happy to listen. She was very welcoming and, after the interview was done, she talked about politics with my mom for another twenty minutes, then showed and talked about all the paintings in her house!