Lynne Prater

As interviewed by Ellis Prater-Burgess, March ninth, 2014
"Well, I wanted equality, and I wanted fairness with credit and jobs; I think I wanted what every woman wants today. So it really hasn't changed much; I wanted what’s equally right for a woman that a man has or anyone else."
Lynne Prater

Introductory Profile: About Lynne Prater

Lynne Prater, my paternal grandmother, was born on November 18th, 1941. After living in Chicago, Illinois, she and her family moved to Texas. She attended Southern Methodist University, or SMU, from 1959 to 1963. She then married and had two children, Vince and John. She is a cheerful and charming person, has brown hair, and is five feet and seven inches tall. Ms. Prater taught disabled or challenged children in the school districts and loved her job.

During the interview, she talked about her struggle to balance her work and home life. We also talked about her problems with being respected as a responsible adult, as she was not allowed to perform some basic actions that every adult should be able to do. She wasn't allowed to do things like buy a refrigerator, rent a house or keep her job if she became pregnant. As a woman with a positive and forgiving outlook on life, she said that although she was frustrated by these problems, she tried not to let anything bother her too much. However, she wants the same thing now as she did then:equality, and for every woman to have the same opportunities as every man.