Ellen Hoopes

As Interviewed by Gregory Hoopes, March 13, 2014
"Not only did we sustain damage and trauma from the eruption, we also lost our good paying jobs from the U.S. military bases."
Ellen Hoopes

Introductory Profile: About Ellen Hoopes

The interviewee’s full name is Maria Elena Napoto Hoopes. I came to know Ellen because I am her son. She’s a hard working single parent who likes to watch drama shows with action in it. She has two children and moved from the Philippines to Austin, Texas, to avoid having a dangerous life. She enjoys cooking and is very good at it. Once she retires from her job, she plans to open a small business in a food truck. She started as a legal secretary and worked her way up to becoming the office manager of Financial Litigation, Tax, and Charitable Trusts Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

As a child, she did many hard working things like mixing mortar and cement to build her house. She also went fishing with her father and gathered firewood for a primitive stove so they could cook their own food. She travelled from town to town with her father buying and selling fruits and vegetables as well as dried fish and salted shrimp her father lost his job. At the age of nine, she tended to her aunt’s small grocery store.

Due to scarcity of jobs in her province, she worked as a domestic helper for the Americans at the military base in the Philippines after college. She volunteered for the American Red Cross before landing a job for the U.S. Naval Legal Service Office in Subic Bay, Philippines. Under the supervision of Judge Advocate General lawyers, one of her responsibilities was to draft court martial charges.