Jeana Lungwitz

As Interviewed by Willa Scanlon, March 14, 2014
"My clients are my heroes. They can withstand amazing odds. These people are amazing to me."
Jeana Lungwitz

Introductory Profile: About Jeana Lungwitz

I interviewed Jeana Lungwitz. I am very good friends with her daughter, Claire. Jeana grew up in Longview, Texas with two sisters. She moved to Austin with her husband, Kevin. She began her work with domestic violence at a volunteer center called SafePlace. From there, she grew interested in the subject and got a job at a law firm working on civil domestic violence cases over divorce and custody. Later in this career, she became a professor at UT, teaching up to six kids at a time the lay of the land in civil cases.

Later, her job shifted gears as she began representing women who, in an abusive situation, ended up killing their spouse. She has worked with this for a while now. She still teaches at UT.

Jeana is very tall and has dark brown hair. She is very kind and funny. She was very easy-going and was very helpful.

We discussed her work with civil cases and her views regarding domestic violence. Next we talked about how lawsuits work and what role she plays in them. We then talked about her work with convicted women and how her relationship with the women are. We also talked about the general topic of domestic violence, what it is and how it can occur. That led us into a conversation about warning signs, what to do if you’re in a abusive relationship, and how to avoid one. Lastly we touched on how much progress the US has made in the last 30-40 years in terms of domestic violence and how much progress she believes still needs to be made.

We conducted the interview at her cabin in West Texas. The tone of the interview was very laid back, and certain parts were funny. Overall, I am very glad I choose Jeana to interview. She was very enthusiastic and willing to answer any question. She has a very difficult job, and I believe she does it wonderfully.