Amy Shepard

As Interviewed by Nick Venn, March 7, 2014
"One of the saddest thing I heard was a friend saying, 'I don't know if we will ever be ok.' So it is just by the grace of god that we weren't born in Rwanda. It's just our responsibility to help and try to do no harm."
Amy Shepard

Introductory Profile: About Amy Shepard

Amy Carol Shepard was born December 27, 1965 in Lake Villa, Illinois. She is my father’s younger sister, and I see her every summer at a family reunion in Wisconsin. She has reddish gray hair, freckles, a sturdy build, and a slight mid-western accent. She is very strong-willed, confident, and articulate. Amy is always very determined to get things done, and has a very way of communicating.

In the interview Amy gave me more background information and told me about many of her experiences before, during and after her trip to Africa. She talked candidly about the emotions that the events put upon her.

Amy has three children -- 16, 14, and 13 years-old -- all born before her trip to Africa. Amy presently lives in Michigan and owns her own business called Venn Integration, a marketing business. She’s visited Africa on six different occasions, the first when her youngest son was only a year and a half old.